Leading Biocide for Diesel and Jet Fuel

BIOBOR products have been serving the entire aviation industry since 1965. Fighting microbial growth in all aviation fuels and ground support equipment, Biobor JF is the most recognized fuel biocide in the world. Since airplanes are serviced and maintained by ground support equipment, Biobor additives protect and improve the performance of all diesel and gasoline powered equipment used throughout the aviation industry.


Why Use Biobor Aviation Additives?

Very few products have the distinction of being the first, the original. At the dawn of commercial jet aviation, airlines and aircraft manufacturers discovered a hideous new problem with fuel; microbial growth. This growth not only clogged fuel lines and filters, but it caused corrosion sufficient to destroy the structural integrity of an aircraft. Working with U.S. Borax and SOHIO, scientists and engineers created the first aviation fuel biocide designed specifically for the aviation environment; the product was Biobor JF®. Biobor JF not only became the biocide of choice for aviation, but has dominated the marine, stand-by power, agricultural and construction equipment industry since its inception in 1965. After all these years, Biobor JF remains the leader in protecting hydrocarbon fuels and lubricants. Biobor JF was the first and is still the best.

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Biobor JF

Biobor JF is the most widely used and effective diesel biocide and lubricity additive in the diesel market today.  Specifically recommended by diesel engine manufacturer’s operation manuals, Biobor JF kills and prevents microbial growth (‘algae’, bacteria and fungi) to prevent clogged fuel filters, sludge accumulation and the corrosion issue that follow.  Lubricity is also added to ULSD to protect injectors and fuel pumps.  Also widely used by major airlines, military aviation and refineries to control and eliminate bio-contamination.

  • Kills and prevents bacteria and slime
  • Prevents plugged fuel filters
  • Prevents corrosion
  • Adds lubricity – protects injectors and pumps
  • Recommended by major diesel engine manufacturers
  • Dual Phase – both fuel and water soluble to ensure a complete kill – as recommended by engine manufacturers
  • Continuous use keeps fuel free of bio-contamination and adds lubricity – “All the fuel… All the time”®
  • Shock dosage eliminates existing contamination
  • Treats more fuel (1oz: 80 gallons)
  • Effective in all hydrocarbon-based fluids (heating oil, transmission fluids, bio-diesel)  
  • The most widely used biocide in diesel and jet fuel since 1965

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Biobor JF® Hum Bug Kit

Early Warning! Detects Microbial Growth in Fuel. The Hum-Bug Detector® Kit is a low-cost, easy-to-use early warning system that will effectively identify hydrocarbon utilizing micro-organism contamination in all hydrocarbon fuels and oils. These organisms cause fungal growth in fuels and the serious hazards associated with that growth. The Hum-Bug Detector® Kit will detect microbial contamination in its earliest stages if used with a concerted fuel quality control program.

  • Ensures Fuel Quality
  • Eliminates Costly Repairs/Downtime
  • Low Cost / Easy to Use
  • Detects Microbial Infestations
  • Prevents Fuel Supply Waste
  • Early Warning Detection



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