Chubb Fire Extinguishers



CJ Aerospace is proud to announce we are Authorised Distributors for Chubb Fire Extinguishers offering customers the best price and fast delivery. 

CJ Aerospace has a Halon Permit and with local supply of Halon Fire Extinguishers from Chubb Australia, we can now offer customers the best priced Chubb fire extinguishers with the longest shelf life. 

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Chubb Ext 1.5kg BCF  

Part Number: 103335

  • Australian Standard Certified to AS1841.7
  • Plastic pistol style handle and trigger
  • Aluminum polyester powder coated cylinder
  • BCF (Halon 1211) vaporising agent
  • Rated for use on Class B & Class E fires
  • Comes with bracket 

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