Ice Shield De-ice Systems / SMR


CJ Aerospace is proud to announce we are now Authorised Distributors for Ice Shield, offering the range of De-ice Systems to our customers.


Get all your de-icer needs, including the latest SMR Ice Shield Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) boots that allow you to simply peel, stick and fly. Available to order now plus extensive inventory order arriving February. 

Ice Shield De-icing Systems

Located in Fenwick, West Virginia, Ice Shield® specializes in high quality de-icing for general and commuter aviation. Ice shield de-icing products include:

  • Pneumatic wing boot de-icers
  • Propeller electro-thermal boot de-icers
  • Wire harnesses
  • Engine Inlet de-icers
  • Leading Edge Assemblies for TBM
  • De-ice hardware
  • De-ice accessories


Wing De-icers

Ice Shield® wing de-ice boots work by inflating and deflating elastomeric tubes within the de-icer by introducing air pressure from engine bleed air or a vacuum pump. This process removes ice accumulation from the protected surface of the leading edge.

Ice Shield offers wing boots in two installation applications: Standard boots and Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) Boots.


Engine Inlet & Horn De-icers

Ice Shield™ engine inlets are available for a variety of aircraft including Beech King Air (90, 100, 200,300) DeHavilland DHC-6, Piper Navajo and Embraer 110. Horn De-icers are available for Donier 328 aircraft.                 



Propeller De-icers

Ice Shield™ prop boots prevent ice from forming on your propeller by heating the root of each blade on a "90-second on, 90-second off" cycle.           



Wire Harnesses

Ice Shield™ wire harnesses are available in a broad variety of lead configurations, from traditional ring terminals to quick disconnect systems (QDS).                 



Ice Shield™ offers a variety of hardware components that are necessary to operate de-icing systems. 



Ice Shield™ offers a line of accessories to ensure that you get the most out of your Ice Shield de-icing products.   


De-ice Kits

Ice Shield™ STC de-ice kits for the Piper Saratoga and Beechcraft Bonanza offer additional protection while exiting icing conditions. With no required warm-up period, the four-part system activates immediately to begin removing ice.


Leading Edge

Ice Shield™ offers Daher-Socata TBM leading edge and pneumatic de-ice boot replacement assemblies.

Ice Shield currently certified on:

  • TBM 700
  • TBM 850


Ice Shield products are reliable, durable and accompanied by first class customer service. Customers are the core of their business and we know that time is money when you have a grounded aircraft. All Ice Shield parts come backed with a No-Hassle warranty. 

Click here to visit the Ice Shield Product Catalogue online.




“Fast Boot Style” PSA deice boots

Glue on and be ready to fly in one hour.

Ice Shield PSA™ are new pressure sensitive deice boots that allow for fast application so that you can get back in the air quickly.

PSA stands for Pressure Sensitive Adhesive, which is the key to speeding up the installation process for deice boots. Ice Shield PSA, a Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) installation application reduces installation labor and allow minimal aircraft downtime when replacing wing de-ice boots, a Peel.Stick.Fly. TM application.

Each set of Ice Shield PSA boots is accompanied with an installation kit, which includes:

  • Primer (HAZMAT)
  • SMRA56B conductive cement (HAZMAT)
  • 1″ Natural Bristle Brush
  • 3″ Foam Brush
  • A Swab Applicator


The Foundation of Ice Shield De-icing Technology

Ice Shield has developed de-icing products to be high quality with our 20+ years of engineering experience. Ice Shield's engineering staff uses state of the art technology and equipment including but not limited to: access to wind tunnel testing, LEWICE analysis software, Design-X software, and a research and development lab full of high quality de-ice testing equipment.

The Ice Shield team works diligently daily to provide customers with a Faster, Better, Smarter de-icing product.


  • Ice Shield de-icing systems are shipped within 48-hours of placement of order. This first class service provides our customers with a reliable, high quality product when needed opposted to waiting 60-90 day lead times.
  • Customer service and technical support available via phone, internet and email. Any questions on installation, information about what boot to install on certain aircraft, or any technical concerns or issues can be answered by our technical support team.


  • Ice Shield products are interchangable with original equipment. When an Ice Shield customer has original manufacturer de-ice boots on their aircraft and only one boot needs replacement, the entire aircraft does not need changed to Ice Shield boots. Ice Shield offers part-for-part replacement for original boots.


  • A no-hassle warranty is available for all de-ice products. Ice Shield customers are provided with a new product with no questions asked with the return of Ice Shield boot.
  • All Ice Shield products are FAA approved. Every product offered has been verified and approved by the FAA. Documentation of approval and support paperwork is available to customers upon their request.


Trusted by the Marketplace

Emphasizing quality, value, service and selection, Ice Shield has become the preferred brand for aircraft de-icers. Owner/operators are switching to the Ice Shield de-icing product instead of OEM replacement due to the durability, reliability, and availability of products. The Ice Shield brand is OEM for Beechcraft, Epic, Lancair, Viking and Vulcanair.