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Jet Stream Aviation Products

Jet Stream Aviation Products, Inc offers a complete line of aircraft detailing products produced by the owners with decades of experience detailing aircraft. We know exactly what you need inside and out. All of our products have been developed and tested by industry professionals specifically to protect and safely care for your aircraft's exterior and interior. We remain committed to customer service by providing safe, reliable, and high quality detailing products that are among the best in the industry.



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PBS Boot Sealant - PBS01

PBS Boot Sealant treats pneumatic de-ice boots with a coat of plastic that protects your boot from the elements and allows ice accumulation to shed ice with ease.


Pbs Prep


The First Step To Fantastic Looking De-Ice Boots - Pbs Prep is formulated for use before each Pbs Boot Sealant application to avoid dulling and hard to remove build-up. Pbs Prep will effectively clean pneumatic de-ice boots of all old boot treatments assuring the best results possible when applying Pbs Boot Sealant. Failure to prepare de-ice boots with Pbs Prep may result in dulling due to build-up.

Part #                  Product size                      
PREP01               1 Quart Bottle   
PREP06               Case 6 Quarts   
PREP12               Case 12 Quarts