PWI, Inc. 


PWI pioneered interior fluorescent lighting systems for the aircraft industry in 1972 and, more recently, has led in providing upgrades from flourescents to LEDs.. We can custom bend tubes, or design LED lighting to match any installation. We specialize in providing drop-in, LED upgrade kits for nearly all King Air models.


LED Replacement Reading Lights


PWI LED Replacement Reading Lights bring ingenuity to the table with our direct drop-in replacements designed to fit directly into the existing light fixtures. The LED bulbs fit right in where the incandescent bulb used to go without any changes needing to be made to the lighting fixture. Each of our reading lights feature LEDs that give you up to 100K hours of life, are cool to the touch when operating, provide better directional lighting, and deliver a more aesthetically pleasing light compared to incandescent bulbs.


LED King Air Upgrades 

PWI LED King Air Upgrades provide durability, unlike traditional fluorescent lights used in aircraft. Our LED upgrades are less likely to break because they are solid-state lights. The design of our LED lights allows them to endure aircraft vibrations and shock environments, while fluorescent lights run the risk of breaking the filament inside or having the glass broken. Additionally, our LED products are more efficient due to their reduced power consumption. This allows our LEDs to run at cooler temperatures reducing excess heat.


Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp Replacement 

PWI has been manufacturing Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lights for over 40 years. PWI can replace any broken lamps or design some lamps to your specification.



Hot Cathode Fluorescent Lighting

PWI Manufactures a line of 28 VDC Hot Cathode Fluorescent Lighting Systems.