Supervan 900

The Ultimate in Performance, Quality and Fuel Consumption

Caravan Operators- Are you tired of a 3600 hour TBO? Do you want your Caravan to perform? 
CJ Aerospace can now offer you the ULTIMATE caravan engine conversion STC right here in Australia. 
Texas Turbine Conversion’s most recent and highly successful STC effort provides Cessna Caravan owners with unprecedented thrust, performance, and efficiency regardless of operating conditions.  Whether you take off from the water or a gravel strip, with the TPE331-12JR under the hood, rest assured that you have plenty of power (900SHP) to get in and out, without having to leave anyone or anything behind.
Regardless if you are an airline, drop zone, private user, or conduct special missions, the Supervan 900 can get you their faster, safer, and more efficiently than any other engine upgrade on the market. Leaving you time on your watch, money in your pocket, and the satisfaction of operating the most technologically advanced turbo-prop engine in the world. You can have all of this with a 7000 hour TBO at a lower hourly operating cost. 
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